Tyria news in January 2013

Oliver in Tyria on

I got 80 on my guardian just the day before yesterday and set up a plan to gear up in a few steps. We went exploring through Orr, hunting events with Lone Post still bugged in Straits of Devastation on Riverside. We did a great chunk of work for The Pact, forcing the Risen back to their holes. However, they will come back tomorrow, I’m afraid.

Gearing up was faster than I expected (I’m not the patient type of player). After setting up buy orders for Intricate Totems (which were at 1,17 when I started), prices went up to 1,30 yesterday. So I farmed a few in Grawl and Troll camps in Frostgorge Sound, but the pure grind is not the thing I enjoy in an MMO. However, I got the Grawl Slayer achievement, but just about 14 totems. Spending some of the coins on the TP I was finally able to craft the Cleric’s Gladiator set (late at night)

Norn guardian in gladiator armor.

Celina in Lion’s Arch, wearing Conan’s armor.

While crafting, Celina went up to 400 in her armorsmith profession. I wanted to take notes on my stats development, but I was just too tired and went to bed. I like the Gladiator skin – much more than the exotic one (draconic set). That was the same with the medium armor: The noble set (80, rare crafting set) beats the emblazoned (80, exotic crafting set) in looks.

News from Tyria

Just yesterday, the community caught a developers’ livestream, which is transcribed on dulfy.net. There are some great insights and I’d love ArenaNet to populate deserted zones by new events and the new award system. The guild enhancements (guild events and new guild item tiers) sound pretty good. There seems to be a large roadmap for ANet to make progress in, especially the balancing (AoE, traits and skills) are pretty awesome (Yes, my engineer, I’m looking at you!).

Obviously, there are some changes to the Orr events coming end of January. I still dislike Orr, it is not a comfortable spot nor a beautiful spot to be in. But I guess, that’s how it has to be. After all, it has been risen by a dragon, you know.

Soloing stuff

I’m pretty impressed by a guy named Wethospu on YouTube. He’s currently soloing various dungeons posting streams of his adventures on his channel. There’s a lot you can take out of these videos. He’s mainly running a damage-specced warrior and it’s fun to see how he positions in combat and his general strategy of approaching encounters.

Download Video | YouTube to MP3

He makes massive use of the fight dynamics like LoS and dodging and he is really reading the encounter’s animations to decide whether to cower or to burst. Nicely done.

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